The Bothell Schoolhouse

 Bothell children originally attended school in Woodinville but when the pupil count reached 15, the Bothell community petitioned for and was granted permission to form a school district. David C. Bothell donated land on Main Street for a school which opened March 29, 1886. By 1890 the school building was too small and was sold when a larger school opened on upper First Avenue. The original building became a private residence and was extensively remodeled.

 10221 Main StBothell’s First School House


The schoolhouse building was relocated from Main Street to the Park at Bothell Landing in 1989. All additions were removed and the original 20’ x 26’ room was renovated and reconstructed to reflect its original use.  (In 1992 it was nominated for inclusion on the register of historic landmarks; the nomination form gives detailed information about its history. It can be seen by clicking on this link.)

bothell-1890-school-smIn 1890 a two story elementary school building was built on land
donated by John Blyth at 187th  St. and First Avenue, now 101st Ave NE.

school-1907-sm In 1907 a new two-story school was built behind the existing elementary school, which was eventually demolished. Children began primary grades in the basement. The older elementary grades were on the first floor and the high school occupied the top floor. The first graduating class was in 1912.

This photograph shows the five members of the 1912 first Bothell HIgh School graduating class, wearing the costumes for their class play. Their teacher sits on the left. Clicking on the photo will show a larger image plus the script of that play.