Photo Archive

The photo archive page will be expanded to include many photos of Bothell and the surrounding area taken from the Bothell Then & Now book as well as photos from the museum’s collection.
Bothell Then & Now

Currently, we have these photo pages (also available through the pull-down menu, above):

Transportation in early Bothell Bothell's first schoolhouse, 1885, now in the Park at Bothell Landing Hannan House
             Transportation–a slide show               Bothell’s first schoolhouse                        The Hannan House
Alice Seaton delivering the U.S. Mail, around 1916 Bothell Kitchen Cabinet Band BUMC-125-slide-035037lv-1024x681
   Government Services–a slide show        Community groups–a slide show                    Churches–a slide show
Good Roads Day Bothell logging, ca. 1895 Bothell Brothers Shingle Mill
                          Events–a slide show                        Logging–a slide show                          Mills–a slide show
Wayne Brickyard George's Cafe and Bus Depot, Main Street, 1938 Green Motors, 1948
  Wayne Brickyard–Featured Photo                    Main Street–a slide show Businesses, Main Street & Beyond–a slide show
1908 4th of July G.A.R. float-sm Ericksen House gerhard-ericksen-homestead-title-sm
         Bothell’s 4th of July parades                 Houses–a slide show   Bothell Pioneer Gerhard Ericksen–a video
aerial_view_green_motors_area_1952-sm Ron_Green_Sr_early_1930s malinowksi-1911-trip-article-thumbnail
          Bothell from the air      Happy 100th Birthday, Ron Green  Terri Malinowski’s article:  the 1911 Ross Family trip by Winton motor car from Bothell to Ohio